climbing-nimisNoor Shaker is Assistant Professor in the Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology, Aalborg University Copenhagen. She received a 5-year BA in IT Engineering in 2007 from Damascus University in Syria, an M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence in 2009 from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium and a Ph.D. degree from the IT University of Copenhagen in 2013. She is the chair of the IEEE CIS CIS Games Technical Committee. Her work received two IEEE awards and she has several papers nominated for best paper award. Her research interests include behaviour modeling, procedural content generation, computational creativity and affective computing.

climbing-nimisJulian Togelius is Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, New York University. He works on all aspects of computational intelligence and games and on selected topics in evolutionary computation and evolutionary reinforcement learning. His current main research directions involve search-based procedural content generation, game adaptation through player modeling, automatic game design, and fair and relevant benchmarking of game AI through competitions. He is a past chair of the IEEE CIS Technical Committee on Games, and an associate editor of IEEE Transactions on Computational Intelligence and Games. Julian holds a BA from Lund University (2002), an MSc from the University of Sussex (2003), and a PhD from the University of Essex (2007).

markMark J. Nelson is Senior ERA Research Fellow at The MetaMakers Institute of Falmouth University, in Cornwall, UK. His main research is in automated videogame design and procedural content generation. His work aims especially at understanding generative design spaces through the help of automated analysis, along with interfaces that allow designers to “sculpt” them at a higher level. A current interest is in applying these methods to generative software toys, which are fun, interactive applications on mobile and other devices but not necessarily traditional games.  He holds a PhD in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Prior to joining Falmouth University, he was Assistant Professor at the IT University of Copenhagen (2011-2015). He also runs a small artificial intelligence consultancy, Anadrome Research.

Chapter Contributors

In order of appearance in the book:

Antonios Liapis, Institute of Digital Games, University of Malta

Ricardo Lopes, Department of Intelligent Systems, University of Delft

Rafael Bidarra, Department of Intelligent Systems, University of Delft

Joris Dormans, Ludomotion

Cameron Browne, Science and Engineering Faculty, Queensland University of Technology

Michael Cook, The MetaMakers Institute, Falmouth University

Yun-Gyung Cheong, College of Information & Communication Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University

Mark O. Riedl, College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology

Byung-Chull Bae, School of Games, Hongik University

Adam M. Smith, Department of Computational Media, University of California Santa Cruz

Daniel Ashlock, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Guelph

Sebastian Risi, IT University of Copenhagen

Georgios N. Yannakakis, Institute of Digital Games, University of Malta

Gillian Smith, College of Arts, Media and Design, Northeastern University

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